Christmas dinner of the Group brought together CJR

December 29, 2016 / CJR Group
About 250 employees attended the traditional Christmas dinner of the CJR Group, which took place last December 22.

Quinta Vila Marita, located in Guimarães - Portugal, was the place chosen to host the traditional Christmas dinner of CJR Group, which this year had several memorable moments.

The start of the dinner was marked by the usual speech by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of CJR Group, Mrs. Lourdes Freitas, who pointed out that, year after year (despite the economic crisis) the company has overcome the various challenges and managed to follow a path of success. Mrs. Lourdes Freitas recalled some challenges of the past year and predict some trends for 2017.

In order to mark the occasion, the Chairman of the Board of Directors want also to remind the founder of the organization, Mr. Cândido José Rodrigues, noting that "he is not physically among us but remains alive in our minds", since he was the mentor of CJR, and their journey and dedication are the responsible ones for the success of today.

Mrs. Lourdes Freitas, also took the opportunity to thank the employees of the organization, stating that they are, one by one, responsible for the success of the company. "Success is not the work of one, or of another. Success is the work of many, and it is the fruit of work and determination. Success  is a consequence and not just an objective, " she said.

The Christmas dinner of CJR Group was also animated by a Portuguese musician - "Zé Miguel" - and with the liveliness and imagination of a group of collaborators who created some sentences dedicated to the company, employees and administration.

Given the internationalization of the organization and the various projects that the company embraces, some of the organization's employees were unable to attend Christmas dinner. To fill this gap, the management of the CJR Group also arranged a Christmas lunch.

December 29, 2016 / CJR Group
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